Looking to place an order?  Have a question regarding a product, order, or invoice?  Ready to pay a bill or statement via credit card?  Don't hesitate to call our Customer Service Department.

Customer Service:  (866) 638-7265

Fax: (866) 638-7260

Pictured above left to right:

Amanda Cramer - Customer Service Rep, Penn State Univsersity

Alexa Bulatovic, CVT - Custer Service Rep, Harcum College, 5 years Veterinary Technician experience

April Boehmer - Customer Service Rep, 12 years Veterinary Technician experience

Ami Smith - Customer Service Rep, Wilson College, 7 years Veterinary Technician experience

Kelcee Spotts - Receivables Manager

Carrie Morris, CVT - Customer Service Rep, Wilson College, 

April Verner, CVT - Customer Service Rep, Harcum College

Brandi Noble, CVT - Customer Service Rep, Wilson College, 6 years Veterinary Technician experience

Beth Shelby, CVT - Customer Service Rep, Wilson College, 17 years Veterinary Technician experience


Have a question regarding our operations?

Brad Palm - Distribution Center Manager               brad.palm@nevsco.com

Clint Harris - Director of Marking                           clint.harris@nevsco.com

Travis Phillippy - Warehouse Manager                   travis.phillippy@nevsco.com


Corporate Office:   6951-L Allentown Blvd  Harrisburg, PA 17112  (p) 866-638-7265  (f) 717-526-7991